Marine Elevators

Quality maintenance for Marine Elevators

Kuilu Elevators Ltd offers high-quality Finnish expertise for Marine elevator maintenance. Precise and proactive maintenance customized for the ship guarantees that the elevators run smoothly, and everyone on board has a peace of mind. Our services are flexible and we always respect the customer’s wishes. We can also provide maintenance on short notice, in case you need help quickly.

Our services include the maintenance and repairs of ship elevators, troubleshooting, and training the staff on board. Kuilu has the best Finnish workers who all have a vocational degree of an elevator mechanic, as well as other necessary qualifications and permits. In Finland, the elevator business is very strictly regulated.

We are also happy to cooperate with others in the field, offering our expertise to those who need it.

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Kuilu Elevators LTD

Kuilu Elevators Ltd is a Finnish family-owned company that offers professional elevator maintenance. Our priority is to provide our customers with high quality service – we have the best workers in the field and we only use components of the highest quality. The driving force behind our business is our passion for the field. The services and products offered by Kuilu Elevators include the modernization of elevators, elevator maintenance, installation, and training new professionals. The core values of our company are responsibility, protecting the environment, transparency and accessibility. These values are reflected in all aspects of our work.

Services on board


We offer training to the staff on board. The training is targeted especially to the vessel electricians. The content of the training package will be determined based on the skill level of the trainees: with a new electrician, we will start from the basics, but we also offer more in-depth training on elevator technology, troubleshooting and maintenance to more experienced electricians. In addition, we train the cleaning staff on matters of safety when cleaning the elevator.


We also do Marine elevator repairs independently, without a service contract. For example, any defects detected in an annual inspection, or storm damage, require speedy repairs. We can fix such defects and damages quickly and on a flexible schedule.


Kuilu Elevators has special expertise on elevators that use KONE LCE, and fixing possible faults that may concern these controllers. With our extensive experience, we are able to detect even the most difficult defects. Troubleshooting and fixing mechanical issues is one of our core strengths.


Our focus is on proactive, comprehensive maintenance. This means fixing worn or damaged parts immediately, which guarantees that your elevator remains safe and functional. Our extended maintenance program includes a detailed analysis of the condition of the elevator, which makes annual inspections easy. The required repairs are done quickly and our clear-cut analysis will give you all the relevant information about the current and future condition of your elevator.

Previous experience with Marine elevators

We have wide-ranging experience when it comes to working with Marine elevators. We have worked in elevator maintenance on dozens of ships, and on several shipping lines including – but not limited to – the following: Royal Caribbean Cruise, Disney Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Lines, and TUI Cruises. Now, we offer the same services provided for these companies to the customers of Kuilu.