Elevator modernization

Cost-efficient and environmentally friendly

In the long run, renovating your elevator is a very cost-efficient choice, as it is more affordable than replacing the entire elevator with a new one. Modernization is also a good option in terms of sustainable development. Modern, renewable components usually help reduce the elevator’s energy consumption.

The fact that we use carefully chosen components that are also used by globally leading manufacturers ensures that spare parts will be available in the future. Compared to our larger competitors, our electrification maintenance is much more affordable in the long term. Thus, the running costs will remain low even if your maintenance company changes in the future.

A modernization that is tailored to your needs will make your old elevator as good as new!

Why is renovation important?

1. Protecting the environment

We case preserve a large part of the original elevator, which is better for the environment than dismantling old elevators and producing completely new ones.

2. Costs

The price difference between a new elevator and a renovated elevator is significant. It is possible to get an elevator that is as good as new with a much lower cost.

3. Increase in comfort

The renovated elevator will be comfortable and quiet, and the running costs will be lower in the long run. This in turn increases the value of your property.

What does the renovation process entail?


After we have been contacted, we will assess the situation of the elevator(s) together with the customer. At this stage, we will also take the necessary measurements.


After the assessment, we will make an offer that includes three (3) options for the customer to choose from. This means the customer can decide how much renovation they want. These three options will always be tailored according to our assessment of the elevator(s) in question.


Once the offer has been made, we will negotiate with the customer. If needed, we will come to introduce the offer in person to, for example, the members of the housing cooperative board. We will tell you more about the renovation process and why it is a good option for you.


When the contract is made, we will discuss the schedule as well as all other details with the customer.


The renovation will take approximately 3 to 6 weeks. Before the renovation begins, we will notify the residents of the schedule.

Inspection and handover

After the renovation we will inspect all elevators with certificated elevator inspector and hand them over to the customer one elevator at a time.

Let us find
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