Condition assessment

Assessing the condition of your elevator

The condition of an elevator is bound to decline in time. This happens due to the strain of usage, wear and aging components. A condition assessment helps you plan future repairs – this way, you can adapt the financial plan of your building/housing cooperative accordingly.

We offer an extensive condition assessment for your elevator

In the condition assessment, we evaluate the technical condition and safety level of the elevator. The assessment is done by using various tests and measurements, as well as visual and auditory observation.

Once the assessment is done, we will deliver a report to the customer. In the report, we give suggestions on how to improve the elevator so that it has all the necessary features of a modern elevator. We will also go over our observations in person with the property manager and the chairperson of the board of the housing cooperative.

The report will address the availability of spare parts and outline what kind of repairs or renovations are necessary. The condition assessment will cover the modernization needs of the elevator for a five-year period, with an emphasis on the fulfillment of elevator technology and safety in accordance with standard SFS 81-80.

When is a good time for a condition assessment?

  • Ten to fifteen years after the elevator has been installed

  • After that, every five years
  • When you hear strange noises during an elevator ride
  • When the elevator needs fixing frequently
  • When the elevator does not stop precisely at floor level
  • When you notice an increase in the maintenance costs of the elevator

Has the elevator in your building been installed before 1990?

You can book a free extensive condition assessment!*

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*The assessment is free for the first fifty elevators built before 1990 in the Pirkanmaa region.

Book an extensive condition assessment!

When you book the assessment, we will contact you and arrange a suitable time.

Price: 359.00€ + VAT24% / elevator

Condition assessment